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Palm Springs Platinum Apartment:2 Br for RENT, 175 Sqm, 25,000 RMB/ Mon

Palm Springs Platinum Apartment

Located in south of Chao Yang Park. Nice garden. Good Gym with indoor swimming pool. 2 Bedroom+ 2 Bathroom. Good Layout with big living room. View Palm Springs International Apartment in a larger map

25000 RMB/mon Listed Date: 2014-10-23

Greenlake Place, Well Maintained 4 Bedrooms Apartment For RENT, 267 Sqm, 28,000 RMB/Mon

Greenlake Place

4 Bedrooms+ 2 Bathrooms. Located in East of Chaoyang Park, near by 4th ring road. Compound has beautiful garden with lakes. Surrounding facilities: Jenny Lou’s, Gym center View Greenlake Place in a larger map

28,000 RMB/Mon Listed Date: 2014-10-20

Park Apartments Nice Apartment for RENT:246 Sqm, 3 Bedroom+1 Studio, 33,000 Rmb/ Mon

Park Apartments

Special decoration with high quality electrical appliance and furniture. Rent include management fee, heating fee and official invoice. Located in west of Chao Yang Park, with Golf Court Viewing. Landlord can provide fully furnishing. Near by Shuttle bus stop of international schools. 5 mins walking distance to Solana. 10 to 15 mins walking distance to […]

33,000 Rmb/ Mon Listed Date: 2014-10-20

Park Avenue, Nice Apartment for RENT: 3 Br, 193 Sqm, 28,000 RMB/Mon

Park Avenue

Chao Yang Park View 3 bedroom+ 2 bathroom/ Western kitchen/ Mordern bathroom/ Bright light/ Rental including:/ -management fee -heating fee View Park Avenue in a larger map

28,000 Rmb/ Mon Listed Date: 2014-08-26

Grand MOMA, 3 Bedroom Apartment For RENT: 260 Sqm, 31000 RMB/Mon

MOMA - Mega Hall

Constant Temperature and Humidity Apartment. Located in Xiang He Yuan, Dong Zhi Men area. South zone of MOMA, Good compound with nice garden. View MOMA – Mega Hall in a larger map

31,000 Rmb/ Mon Listed Date: 2014-08-26

Gemini Grove,2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent: 160 Sqm, 27000 RMB/Mon

Gemini Grove

Lufthansa and Liang Ma Qiao area 160 square meter / 2 bedrooms +2 bathrooms / Good View / Facing West and North / Big living Room / bright dinning room / Western and open kitchen / View Gemini Grove in a larger map

27,000 Rmb/ Mon Listed Date: 2014-08-26

SANLITUN SOHO,3 Bedroom Apartment For RENT, 193 Sqm, 28,000 RMB/Mon

Sanlitun SOHO

Located in Sanlitun area, near Tuan Jie Hu Subway Station, Worker’s stadium. View Sanlitun SOHO in a larger map

28,000 Rmb/ Mon Listed Date: 2014-08-18

Landmark Palace, 2 Bedroom Apartment for RENT: 136 Sqm, 14500 RMB/Mon

Landmark Palace

Nice apartment with 2 bathrooms. Near Lufthansa, Liangmaqiao, Chaoyang Park and Lido ares. High quality furniture. View Landmark Palace in a larger map

14,500 Rmb/ Mon Listed Date: 2014-08-11

POP MOMA, Constant Temperature and Humidity Apt For RENT: 3 Br, 210 Sqm, 30,000 Rmb/Mon

MOMA - Mega Hall

Located in Xiang He Yuan, Dong Zhi Men area. North zone of MOMA, Good compound with nice garden. View MOMA – Mega Hall in a larger map

30,000 Rmb/ Mon Listed Date: 2014-08-07

Xanadu, 2 Bedroom + 1 Studio Apartment for Rent: 175 Sqm, 26,000 RMB/ Mon

Landlord found tenant for this apartment. We will repost it once it will come up to the market next year! In CBD Area, near CCTV Tower, Jing Guang Center, Subway line 10. View Xanadu in a larger map

Unavailable. Listed Date: 2014-08-06
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